Upon completion of the Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition students are eligible to register and become a professional member as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist with Sports Nutrition Asia (Regional Affiliate of the Sports Nutrition Association). The Sports Nutrition Association provides members with a clearly defined scope of practice and code of conduct to ensure all members are operating within the established best practices in the industry. This is has been done to align to be in the best interest of the Public (who work with Sports Nutritionists), the Professional Members, and the Body who endorse the Members to the Public.

This process was established to address the gap within the industry that existed where there were no professional bodies and standards for the Qualifications and Practise in Sports Nutrition. As anyone could refer to themselves as a Sports Nutritionist (no terms were protected). To this day the Association & its regional affiliates (Sports Nutrition Asia) are the only established Body, and have protected the terms Accredited Sports Nutritionist & it’s variants, and are working toward further securing the title Sports Nutritionist (having submitted initial applications). Any professional member can be recognised and found on the Association’s global Sports Nutritionist Registry. If someone claims to be a Sport’s Nutritionist and they are not listed on the Registry, they are not registered with the Association and as such held to its academic, professional and code of conduct Practising Standards.

Registration as a Sports Nutritionist is $399USD/year paid either upfront or in monthly instalments.

Continued education is extremely important within the Asian Body of the Association we conduct annual CPD (Continuing Professional Development) for our members. This is included as a part of their registration fees. There is no requirement for our members to complete external programs for the sake of accruing and satisfying registration points like the CEC and CEU programs. It is our belief that it is not only our members responsibility to stay up to date with the best evidence informed practise, but it is also our responsibility to keep them up to date, and actually provide them with something for their registration fees. For members who deregister, reinstatement of registration is available and the reinstatement process is assessed on a case by case process, with fees ranging from $599USD for full re-enrolment in the certificate depending on the period of time they were unregistered.

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We recognise that within the regional legislative context in Asia, insurance is not something that many professionals in this particular region’s industry have and as such we do not mandate that our members are required to be insured to practice within Asia. We would however strongly recommend than an individual take out a professional indemnity policy in the event that they are working online with clients who reside in regions with different legislation

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