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Gary is an advanced accredited sports dietitian and sports physiologist who has been working in elite sport since 1996.

He has a passion for helping athletes achieve their sporting ambitions, including those aspiring for Commonwealth & Olympic Games success. Gary currently splits his time between coordinating a Master’s Degree in Sports Nutrition at the University of the Sunshine Coast and consulting to an array of individual elite & recreational athletes. When he’s not surfing or undertaking case studies on himself in the gym, Gary also consults to professional teams, focusing on performance driven nutrition strategies that get results.

Gary’s professional interests relate primarily to enhancing sports performance, helping athletes achieve their sporting dreams. Gary is particularly passionate about factors influencing muscle protein metabolism and muscle hypertrophy/atrophy, nutritional recovery strategies, ergogenic aids and the influence of body composition on sports performance. Gary’s focus remains with using the latest scientific information to help athletes achieve their best.

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