Become an Accredited Sports Nutritionist – who is Fully Insured to work with Clients Nutrition (Meal Plans, Macros, Supplements etc.)

The fully online Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition is approximately 4-6 months long, with 12-modules/subjects & is the Gold Standard in foundational sports nutrition education.

Without spending tens of thousands of dollars and 3+ years on traditional nutrition education models, you can complete the education you need to command more money, expand your service, and make back your investment in just a few months. This way you are able to work in a refined probationary capacity for up to 3 years before having to commit to further study, unlike these other models.

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Begin offering Nutrition and Meal Plans in just 4-6 months when you complete the Sports Nutrition Association’s Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition

“I thought this course was great and I learned so much & appreciate the feedback I got from it as well. Thanks again!”

Sharman Vickery

“I will remember everything you have said. Thank you for being an amazing teacher. Hope to see you someday.”

Prithvee Krisnan

“Thank you for the help along the way. Appreciate the feedback and input beyond what was just specific to the assessments themselves!”

Michael Stone